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Veronica Mars
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  Deux flics à Miami   [Miami Vice]
 114 épisodes, 5 saisons
Etats-Unis (1984-1989)
Série arrêtée en 1989

Episodes de "Deux flics à Miami "


Saison 1 :

s01e01   Brother's Keeper (1)
s01e02   Brother's Keeper (2)
s01e03   Heart of Darkness
s01e04   Cool Runnin'
s01e05   Calderone's Return (1): The Hit List
s01e06   Calderone's Return (2): Calderone's Demise
s01e07   One-Eyed Jack
s01e08   No Exit [aka Three-Eyed Turtle]
s01e09   The Great McCarthy
s01e10   Glades
s01e11   Give A Little, Take a Little
s01e12   Little Prince
s01e13   The Milk Run
s01e14   Golden Triangle (1) [aka Score]
s01e15   Golden Triangle (2)
s01e16   Smuggler's Blues
s01e17   Rites of Passage
s01e18   The Maze
s01e19   Made for Each Other
s01e20   Home Invaders
s01e21   Nobody Lives Forever
s01e22   Evan
s01e23   Lombard

Saison 2 :

s02e01   Prodigal Son (1)
s02e02   Prodigal Son (2)
s02e03   Whatever Works
s02e04   Out Where the Buses Don't Run
s02e05   The Dutch Oven
s02e06   Buddies
s02e07   Junk Love
s02e08   Tale of the Goat
s02e09   Bushido
s02e10   Bought and Paid For
s02e11   Back in the World
s02e12   Phil the Shill
s02e13   Definitely Miami
s02e14   Yankee Dollar
s02e15   One-Way Ticket
s02e16   Little Miss Dangerous
s02e17   Florence Italy
s02e18   French Twist
s02e19   The Fix
s02e20   Payback
s02e21   Free Verse
s02e22   Trust Fund Pirates
s02e23   Sons and Lovers

Saison 3 :

s03e01   When Irish Eyes Are Crying
s03e02   Stone's War
s03e03   Killshot
s03e04   Walk Alone
s03e05   The Good Collar
s03e06   Shadow in the Dark
s03e07   El Viejo
s03e08   Better Living Through Chemistry
s03e09   Baby Blues
s03e10   Street Wise
s03e11   Forgive Us Our Debts
s03e12   Down for the Count (1)
s03e13   Down for the Count (2)
s03e14   Cuba Libre
s03e15   Duty and Honor [aka The Savage]
s03e16   Theresa
s03e17   The Afternoon Plane
s03e18   Lend Me an Ear
s03e19   Red Tape
s03e20   By Hooker By Crook
s03e21   Knock, Knock, Who's There?
s03e22   Viking Bikers From Hell
s03e23   Everybody's in Showbiz ...
s03e24   Heroes of the Revolution

Saison 4 :

s04e01   Contempt of Court
s04e02   Amen ... Send Money
s04e03   Death and the Lady
s04e04   The Big Thaw
s04e05   Child's Play
s04e06   God's Work
s04e07   Missing Hours
s04e08   Like a Hurricane
s04e09   Rising Sun of Death
s04e10   Love at First Sight
s04e11   A Rock and a Hard Place
s04e12   The Cows of October
s04e13   Vote of Confidence
s04e14   Baseballs of Death
s04e15   Indian Wars
s04e16   Honor Among Thieves
s04e17   Hell Hath No Fury ...
s04e18   Badge of Dishonor
s04e19   Blood and Roses
s04e20   A Bullet for Crockett
s04e21   Deliver Us From Evil
s04e22   Mirror Image

Saison 5 :

s05e01   Hostile Takeover (1)
s05e02   Redemption in Blood (2)
s05e03   Heart of Night
s05e04   Bad Timing
s05e05   Borrasca
s05e06   Line of Fire
s05e07   Asian Cut
s05e08   Hard Knocks
s05e09   Fruit of the Poison Tree
s05e10   To Have and to Hold [aka Second Chance]
s05e11   Miami Squeeze
s05e12   Jack of All Trades
s05e13   The Cell Within
s05e14   The Lost Madonna
s05e15   Over the Line
s05e16   Victim of Circumstance
s05e17   Freefall (1)
s05e18   Freefall (2)
s05e19   World of Trouble
s05e20   Miracle Man
s05e21   Leap of Faith
s05e22   Too Much, Too Late

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