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  Agents doubles  [Stingers]
 192 épisodes, 8 saisons
Australie (1998-2004)
Série arrêtée en 2004

Episodes de "Agents doubles"


Saison 1 :

s01e01   Rat Catcher
s01e02   Hit Me
s01e03   The Initiation
s01e04   Show the Dead Mouse (1)
s01e05   Show the Dead Mouse (2)
s01e06   Backlash
s01e07   Innocents Abroad
s01e08   Blind Love
s01e09   Jelly Babies
s01e10   Nothing Personal
s01e11   Ten Foot Tall and Bulletproof
s01e12   Faking It
s01e13   Right On Target
s01e14   Without Fear or Favour
s01e15   Lunatic Fringe (1)
s01e16   Lunatic Fringe (2)
s01e17   Talker
s01e18   Into the Cold (1)
s01e19   Lone Hand (2)
s01e20   Proving Ground (3)
s01e21   Cast Off (4)
s01e22   Dead Man's Throw (5)

Saison 2 :

s02e01   Salsa (1)
s02e02   Salsa (2)
s02e03   Set for Life
s02e04   The Big Picture
s02e05   Rat Trap
s02e06   Finders Keepers
s02e07   Playing With the Celibate Dead
s02e08   White Lies
s02e09   Mr Right
s02e10   The Favour
s02e11   Judas Kiss
s02e12   Counting the Beat
s02e13   Just Acting
s02e14   Unnatural Justice
s02e15   Dance with the Dragon
s02e16   The Long Haul
s02e17   The Weight
s02e18   Men in the Dark
s02e19   Full Term
s02e20   House Rules
s02e21   Signal One
s02e22   The Dingo

Saison 3 :

s03e01   Brilliant Lies
s03e02   Forced Perspective
s03e03   Which Bank?
s03e04   Twisted Sister
s03e05   Unplaced Favourite
s03e06   No Way Out
s03e07   Necessary Force
s03e08   No Pain, No Gain
s03e09   Heartline
s03e10   Mob Rules
s03e11   A Marriage to Die For
s03e12   In Too Deep
s03e13   Fine Details
s03e14   Truly, Madly, Deeply
s03e15   The Last Hit
s03e16   The Good Life
s03e17   Second Chance
s03e18   Every Move You Make
s03e19   A Matter of Trust
s03e20   Spare Parts
s03e21   Organised Crime (1)
s03e22   Something Old, Something New (2)

Saison 4 :

s04e01   Snakehead
s04e02   Rich Man's World
s04e03   Beyond Redemption
s04e04   Tell Me You Love Me
s04e05   Fool to Want You
s04e06   Family Values (1)
s04e07   Whatever it Takes (2)
s04e08   Into the Darkness (3)
s04e09   Foster Cops
s04e10   The Whisper Room
s04e11   Feud
s04e12   One of Us (1)
s04e13   Dog Eat Dog (2)
s04e14   Slice
s04e15   Love Hurts
s04e16   Psychotic Episode
s04e17   Closure
s04e18   True Colours
s04e19   Too Many Cooks
s04e20   Just Another Day
s04e21   Reunion
s04e22   Do the Right Thing

Saison 5 :

s05e01   Thin Ice
s05e02   An Anonymous Guy
s05e03   Cash on Delivery
s05e04   What's Love Got to Do With It?
s05e05   A Little Crush
s05e06   No Promises
s05e07   Mule Train
s05e08   White Ants
s05e09   In the Gun (1)
s05e10   In Plain View (2)
s05e11   Fatal Flaw (3)
s05e12   Trust
s05e13   Big Fish
s05e14   DMZ
s05e15   Blow Off
s05e16   Inside Man
s05e17   Mind Games
s05e18   Disgraceful Conduct
s05e19   Smoke and Mirrors
s05e20   Too Much Information
s05e21   Pale Horse
s05e22   A Girl's Best Friend

Saison 6 :

s06e01   Collateral Damage
s06e02   The Last Dance
s06e03   Teamwork
s06e04   Looking After Number One
s06e05   Old Scores
s06e06   Separation Anxiety
s06e07   Slow Hand, Easy Touch
s06e08   Scratch Me Lucky
s06e09   Payback
s06e10   The Whole Truth
s06e11   Breakdown
s06e12   Partners in Crime
s06e13   Revenge of the Turtles
s06e14   Uriel's Sword (1)

Saison 7 :

s07e01   Lies and Secrets (2)
s07e02   Pentimento
s07e03   Cul-De-Sac
s07e04   Your Cheating Heart
s07e05   Don't Look Back
s07e06   Snakes in the Grass
s07e07   Aftershocks
s07e08   Priapus' Playground
s07e09   The Eighth Day
s07e10   Sex & Drugs & Deep House
s07e11   New Blood
s07e12   Cold War
s07e13   Acts of Love
s07e14   Heartbeat
s07e15   Sons & Lovers
s07e16   It Started With A Kiss
s07e17   Wild Card
s07e18   Practice of Deceit
s07e19   Killing Heidi
s07e20   Sleeping With the Enemy
s07e21   A Horse is a Horse
s07e22   Conversations with the Dead
s07e23   Free Radical
s07e24   Daddy's Little Diamond
s07e25   Time Out
s07e26   Perfect Match
s07e27   Boosted (1)
s07e28   One Perfect Day (2)
s07e29   Troppo Fest (3)
s07e30   Train Wreck
s07e31   The Thin Blue Line
s07e32   Love's Labours Lost
s07e33   Fashion Victim (1)
s07e34   Total Recall (2)
s07e35   The Wrong Man
s07e36   The Weakest Link
s07e37   Twilight
s07e38   The Object of My Affection
s07e39   From Russia With Love
s07e40   Cops & Robbers

Saison 8 :

s08e01   Hammer Horror
s08e02   A Square Inside the Circle
s08e03   Family Ties
s08e04   The River of No Return
s08e05   Brave New World
s08e06   No Man's Land
s08e07   One More Chance
s08e08   Break and Enter
s08e09   House of Mirrors
s08e10   Roman Charity
s08e11   Starlight Hotel
s08e12   The Complete Package
s08e13   The Contract
s08e14   Vanished
s08e15   Mea Culpa
s08e16   Past Lives
s08e17   I am the Walrus
s08e18   Dream Machine
s08e19   The Good Oil
s08e20   Dirty Little Secrets
s08e21   Being Josh Brisbane
s08e22   End Game
s08e23   Random Harvest
s08e24   Hunting Ground
s08e25   The Year of the Snake
s08e26   Head On
s08e27   The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1)
s08e28   After the Fact (2)

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