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Veronica Mars
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  Brigade des mers  [Water Rats]
 177 épisodes, 6 saisons
Australie (1996-????)

Episodes de "Brigade des mers"


Saison 1 :

s01e01   Dead in the Water (1)
s01e02   Dead in the Water (2)
s01e03   Ghost Ship
s01e04   Iron Man
s01e05   Catch and Kill
s01e06   Lie Down with Dogs
s01e07   V.I.P.
s01e08   The Shaft
s01e09   Death in the Family
s01e10   Goldstein and Son
s01e11   Kilo Hotel
s01e12   The Jigsaw Man
s01e13   Bang Bang You're Dead
s01e14   Black Water
s01e15   Eyewitness
s01e16   Payback
s01e17   Old Flame
s01e18   Bad Blood
s01e19   Floater
s01e20   Missing
s01e21   Police Issue 13519
s01e22   Unfinished Business
s01e23   Respect
s01e24   Wrecked
s01e25   Message from the Dead
s01e26   Knocker

Saison 2 :

s02e01   Recalled to Duty
s02e02   Closed Circuit
s02e03   Import / Export (1)
s02e04   Jilted (2)
s02e05   Truth or Dare
s02e06   Give Me Money
s02e07   End of the Line
s02e08   Wrong Place, Wrong Time
s02e09   Sex Games
s02e10   Eye for an Eye
s02e11   Goldie's Trip
s02e12   One Dead Rat
s02e13   The Messenger
s02e14   The Man in the Moon
s02e15   Stolen Time
s02e16   Fireworks
s02e17   Shroud Lines
s02e18   Hunting Season
s02e19   Blood Trail (1)
s02e20   Dead or Alive (2)
s02e21   All At Sea
s02e22   Retribution
s02e23   Smile (1)
s02e24   Deadfall (2)
s02e25   The Witness (3)
s02e26   The Cleaner (4)

Saison 3 :

s03e01   As Fast As You Can
s03e02   The Gingerbread Man
s03e03   For Old Time's Sake
s03e04   One For the Social Workers
s03e05   Sympathy for the Devil
s03e06   Bloody Kids
s03e07   Behind Closed Doors (1)
s03e08   The Long Haul (2)
s03e09   Die For Me
s03e10   Old Dogs, New Tricks
s03e11   Run for the Money
s03e12   A Little Knowledge (1)
s03e13   Double Play (2)
s03e14   Soft Target
s03e15   Not Fade Away
s03e16   Romeo is Bleeding
s03e17   Heads or Tails
s03e18   Mocha Fudge
s03e19   Let the Dead
s03e20   Diminished Responsibility
s03e21   Watery Grave
s03e22   Six Hundred Clear A Week
s03e23   Untouchable
s03e24   Switchback
s03e25   Somebody to Love
s03e26   Epiphany
s03e27   Honour Amongst Thieves (1)
s03e28   Trust (2)
s03e29   War Games (3)
s03e30   Last Impressions (4)
s03e31   Old Bones

Saison 4 :

s04e01   Fair Cop
s04e02   A Woman of Substance
s04e03   Double Blind
s04e04   Cut off Point
s04e05   In the Family Way
s04e06   Santiago: Rain 27
s04e07   End Game
s04e08   Tomorrow Never Comes
s04e09   Goes with the Territory
s04e10   Fish out of Water
s04e11   Good Times and Adventures
s04e12   Blood Relations
s04e13   Dial C for Cop
s04e14   Quad Squad
s04e15   Unauthorised Entry
s04e16   Mother Love
s04e17   (Hi Honey) I'm Home
s04e18   The Drill
s04e19   Green Light
s04e20   Red Light
s04e21   Can't Buy Me Love
s04e22   Free as a Bird
s04e23   Dangerous Encounters
s04e24   Force of Habit
s04e25   Shark Bait
s04e26   A Day at the Office
s04e27   Kaddish
s04e28   For Love or Money
s04e29   Helter Skelter
s04e30   Friend or Foe
s04e31   Mr. Medium
s04e32   New Kid on the Block

Saison 5 :

s05e01   A Day to Remember
s05e02   Obsession (1)
s05e03   Pay the Piper (2)
s05e04   Charlie's Pride (3)
s05e05   Got A Light
s05e06   Play it Again
s05e07   A Split Second
s05e08   Able to Leap Tall Buildings
s05e09   Chinese Checkers
s05e10   The Trouble With Gary
s05e11   Saltimbocca (1)
s05e12   Jump in the Mouth (2)
s05e13   Pinchgut
s05e14   Mummy Dearest
s05e15   Two of a Kind
s05e16   Lazarus
s05e17   Heavy Metal
s05e18   Low Blows
s05e19   One Good Turn
s05e20   Mozzie
s05e21   Tangled Web
s05e22   Reunion
s05e23   In the Blood
s05e24   Family Ties (1)
s05e25   Loose Ends (2)
s05e26   Final Chapter
s05e27   Silent Running
s05e28   Vengeance
s05e29   We Could be Heroes
s05e30   Remember This
s05e31   Vigilante
s05e32   Tribes
s05e33   The Last Hurrah
s05e34   Bye Bye Charlie
s05e35   Family Values
s05e36   True Believer

Saison 6 :

s06e01   Domino
s06e02   It Happened One Night
s06e03   High Roller
s06e04   Shadow Man
s06e05   Another Man's Poison
s06e06   Odds On
s06e07   Mates Rates
s06e08   Hungry Bear Blues
s06e09   The Thin Edge
s06e10   The Player
s06e11   Broken English
s06e12   Line of Duty
s06e13   True Blue
s06e14   Strike Out
s06e15   The Devil You Know
s06e16   The Marrying Kind
s06e17   Bitter Legacy
s06e18   Robbo's Ghost
s06e19   Red Ice
s06e20   Family Matters
s06e21   Jackpot
s06e22   The Long Run
s06e23   Bureaucracy Rules, OK?
s06e24   The Removalist
s06e25   And the Winner is...
s06e26   Cats and Pigeons

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